Saturday, February 23, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Love like You'll never be hurt

Hello everyone! The sun is up and we don't need to worry about floods. Thank God!

How's your work week? Mine is just okay but we have been running after time for our MTOs, hehe. I will show you later the batch we have finished. Hoping we can finish at least two batches today. Daddy is actually helping me with the crochet booties and sandals.

Also, Tita is helping me with the bows and flowers for our next project  She's very reliable talaga. I can't thank her enough for being such a good help to us. Imagine, she's doing all the household chores and the laundry while she's taking good care of Matt and Nanay. That's why I asked her if she wants to have extra income and I am glad she likes the idea.

So I hope we will have the time I wish for to make my new project push through. Sometimes kasi Matt won't cooperate but I understand since I know he wants our attention. He will not sleep until the lights are off and the three of us are lying on bed. He wants to be cuddled and he wants us to sing for him. Just like last night...

Daddy: Lika dito me-me ka na.
Matt: Please be careful...

Daddy: Si Mommy na, di alam ni Daddy.
Matt: Si Daddy na...

Daddy: Si Mommy na...
Mommy: Ikaw daw e. Sino magsing anak?
Matt: Si Daddy, si Sir Chief. Hindi si Maya.


Sabi na kasi si Daddy na e...

With that let me share this Love Inspiration with you.

Just enjoy life and be happy.

Happy Saturday!
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