Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Dedicated to all Mothers

Good morning! How's your week so far? I have been so busy with reports here and there. Yesterday, we went to our Inoza Plant for an emergency meeting on HACCP program. It was tiring but when I got home and received a big hug (Matt taught from Teletubbies, his new addiction) and a kiss from Matt, all just gone like magic. At night, Daddy and I worked on our crocheting projects. Hopefully we can finished the MTOs due this week because orders keep on coming. God is indeed great.

Let's move to our Love Inspiration for today that is for all the mothers like me.

It is a never ending list for a mother and words can't even explain the love and sacrifice a mother can give to her children and the entire family.

So if you like it, please click the share buttons. Let us spread love for our mothers.

Happy Wednesday!
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