Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Photostory: Matt Loves Car

Matt loves car and this is one of the rides he wants to ride on every time we go to the mall.

Look at  how serious he was here. So gwapo no?

I asked him to smile but he's so serious...

He is growing so fast and and is learning too fast...

On our way to Church last Sunday, I asked him what's the English words of the things/animals we are seeing along the way.

Mommy: Matt, ano english ng araw?
Matt: Sun.

Nagulat ako. I don't remember teaching him that. Maybe her Tita, so I asked him again baka tiyamba lang e.

Mommy: E un puno?
Matt: Tree.

Isa pa nga. Daddy's turn.

Daddy: Un bulaklak?
Matt: Fower (for flower)

Tama na naman.

Daddy: Un gatas?
Matt: Milk

We asked him again and again. But he's still giving us the right answers. 

Well, good job for Tita. I heard them counting from 1 to 100 the other day. Thank God his Tita is so matiyaga with him. We are so lucky to have her.

Osha, gotta go and talk to Matt again. Take care everyone.

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