Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Daily Inspiration: 115th Month of Love

Today is our 115th month of being in love. It may sounds so exaggerated, but yes we always remember the day we finally fall in love with each other. Hehe.

So, I just want to thank again my wonderful husband who is always patient with me. Ayan Daddy I said patient ha. Hehe... I know everyone is telling me that I am so lucky to have you. Matt and I are so lucky  and blessed to have you in our life. I am sure Matt is always proud of you, Sir Chief. Hehe.

Life is not that easy to us but God is always there guiding us all the way. So let us allow Him to lead our way for I know everything happens for a reason. 

Before I get so senti, so early in the morning, I'll share with you our Love Inspiration for the day. This will be the second to the last as we will say good bye to the Love month.

"Fairy tales happen, to those who believe in them."

Stay happy and in love.

Happy Wednesday!

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