Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A New DSLR for Daddy Allan

This is supposedly his birthday gift. But since he didn't read my post about it then I changed my mind, hehe. I can see his disappointment though he's trying to hide it. I know he loves to have a DSLR. When we go to the mall, he will always look at the DSLR displays. He would always told be that this DSLR is a good buy and so forth.

So, I give him a deal. If we can earn half the price of the DSLR then we will buy it, and the rest will be charged to his credit card. He immediately said yes and so I told him crochet fast and more, haha.

The whole Holy week we are working and I can see his determination to crochet as much as he can. It's a success. We have earned half the price in less than two weeks. And last Saturday, we went to SM Marilao to buy his much wished for Nikon D3100 at Photoline.

So here are the photos taken using my Samsung Tablet.

Daddy Allan buying DSLR at Photoline, SM Marilao
Testing Nikon D3100
Attaching the string
Daddy Allan looked so excited!
He is currently learning how to use the settings. I am sure if he can shoot beautiful photos using his old Canon Ixus, then he will share more beautiful photos using his Nikon D3100.

Right Daddy? My birthday is coming soon, hmmm....
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