Sunday, April 21, 2013

Health is Wealth: 7 Side Effects of Soda

Are you a soda addict?

Soda, or commonly know as soft drinks,  is a beverage that usually contains water (or carbonated water), sweetener and flavoring agent. 

I know how it's hard to resist drinking sodas especially in a hot weather. The fizzing sound that creates when opening or pouring a soda bottle is so inviting. Much more when you put ice cubes or tubes into a glass of soda. Thirst quencher as they say.

Everyone is aware of the side effects of drinking too much soda. But not all realize the health risk soda can cause us. So let's take a look at the 7 side effects of soda in our body.

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Yay! Every soda ingredient has side effects to our body. Imagine, just so you thought a sugar free or zero sugar diet soda is better than the regular one, it's sweetener is aspartame that breaks into carcinogenic formaldehyde. So watch out.

I am not saying I will not drink soda ever. I will just do it in moderation. There will always be cheat days naman. But I will do my best to stay away from soda as much I can resist the temptation. One way is we slashed out soda in our grocery list. So when I open our refrigerator, there's no temptation right? Also, I always bring water anywhere we go so when I feel thirsty I just grab my water bottle.

If you can't stop drinking soda, just limit and moderate. Alright?

Stay healthy and happy =)
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