Monday, April 8, 2013

Photostory: Candy Crush + Lovable Matt

Last night, I was so busy crocheting while Matt is quietly watching on his tablet beside me. Then when I take a glance at him I saw him playing my Candy Crush!

Matt playing Candy Crush

Matt: Lalaro si Mamatt ha? (Matt will play.)
Mommy: No, anak. (No, son.)

How does he open the application? Maybe, he is observing me last night because he saw me playing Candy Crush.

Matt is so smart and he can easily, as in quickly, pick up instructions. So, I shouldn't be surprised at all. That's why I need to supervise him while using his tablet.

He is very lovable and affectionate too. Last night when I entered our room, he smiled and looked at me happily.

Matt: Wag na iyak si Maya (as he called me). (Don't cry Maya.)

Then he hugged and kissed me. He kept on looking at my eyes and smiling. I know he wants be to smile and look happy. I just hugged him tight.

I am praying he will grow the same boy he is now. Lovable, happy, smart, affectionate.

Most of all, I am praying that he will love us and will take care of us when we grow old. I hope, just what I am doing with my mother, he will never get tired of us.

I must admit, I am not feeling well. There's this heavy feelings in my heart. I should not be complaining because God blessed me so well without even asking, even if I think I don't deserve. I am always thankful because he gave me a wonderful husband and a lovable son, and of course an understanding mother. They are the reason why my life is happy and why I choose to be happy.

Enjoy the rest of the day.

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