Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Health is Wealth: Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

This is an overdue post. But it's better late than never.

One Sunday, after going to Church, Daddy, Matt and I went to the grocery to buy some stuffs. On our way out from the grocery, we saw several booths at the entrance with many white and orange balloons. Matt run towards the booth and pointed to the balloons. He asked me to get one but it's not free (not unless you buy their product).

Since Matt was persistent to get a balloon, we walked closer to the booth and look what they are offering. I thought at first it was just candies. And then I took a much closer look and the promodiser gave us a sample. Oh no, it's not just candies, it's Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles.

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles

 It comes in two yummy flavors - mixed berries and peach.
Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles in two flavors

We got the mixed berries. It actually looks like a hard candy but it is soft and chewy. Since it looks like a candy and little sweet, I asked the promodiser if it's full of sugar. She said it has no artificial flavors and sweeteners daw

Each pastille contains 30 mg of Vitamin C, which is the recommended daily dosage for children from 1-12 years old. Children at heart, like us =), can take it too, but we need to take two pastilles. 

My son is always been a "batang Ceelin, batang may laban". We just gave it a try and I can say he enjoyed eating Scott's Vitamin C pastilles as much as he's taking in Ceelin. He called it candy "na gamot ni Mamatt".

And did Matt get the balloon? Oh yes, he got one and more pa.

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles with the freebies

Scott's Vitamin C Pastilles is under the license of GlaxoSmithKline Philippines and is available in leading drugstores and supermarkets nationwide.

Stay healthy and happy :)

Disclaimer: This is not a paid post. My opinions are all mine. You may try the product at your risk.
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