Saturday, April 20, 2013

Making Your Own Logo

As you all know, I am the one who is designing my blog and I do tweak my template when I am at the mood. I tried to find ready make blogger template design but I can't find ready made template that really suits me. I mean, I can't seem to find one template design that already includes all the features I want.

That's why when I am in the mood and have time, I patiently rearrange and do my own header, background, etc. I have seen blogs with badge and logo so I was inspired to make my own. It was not easy as I need to create a logo that includes all the ideas in my mind about my blog. 

Upon searching for a free software that I can download to make my own logo, I stumble upon an online logo creator. I immediately registered and tried to make my own logo and I can say the software is user friendly. It has clear options unlike other photo editors I have tried. You can add symbol and text with many fonts to choose from. You have the options to save your project for future editing and/or download the finished logo. That easy!

And of course I will share with you the logo I have made, though it's not done yet.

So if you are planning to make your own logo for your website, blog or product then you can try to use online logo creator. It's fast, easy to use and you can edit it anytime.
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