Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Photostory: Happy Matthew

Here's a super cute photo of Matthew at the Baby Blast Event last Sunday.

Happy Matt @Baby Blast
(photo taken by Daddy Allan)
Baby, you are growing so fast, so smart, so kulit and so gwapo. You will turn 3 very soon. Time flies so fast so I know we must cherish the days when you are still dependent to us. Please forgive us when we can't play with you that much, and when we lose our patient because of your kakulitan. Remember we love you and we only want the best for you. That's why Daddy and Mommy are working all day and all night to give you all the things you need. I know you appreciate our presence and time more than the things we give you, though sometimes you forgot to make mano and look for the pasalubong first =)

Just remember that no matter what will happen and who ever you will become, Daddy and Mommy will love you and will always be beside you. Soon baby, Mommy will stay with you. We will play and I will teach you your lessons. I pray for that and for God's protection that He will keep you safe, healthy and smart.

Oh, I have to end this na. Nakakahawa kasi si Daddy. Hehe...

More photos at the Baby Blast 4 event coming soon...

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