Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Do something at once

Hello guys!

Since it was a holiday in Bulacan yesterday, I fell somewhat refresh. After I finished packing the finished MTOs, I fed Matt, bathe him and then accompanied him to bed. He is always like that when I am at home. He doesn't want her Tita, she just want Mommy Maya, as he called me. So I think you can already guess what he calls his Daddy Allan. Hehe...

Anyway, let me first share our Daily Inspiration.
Source: Inspirational Quotes via Pinterest

I have to confess something. Because we need to finish two batches of orders I can't turn down, I failed to start my new lines of handmade accessories. But I don't regret is as I can make many people happy naman.

This just prove that I can't do everything all at once. I need to manage my time. If there's a will, there's a way as the saying goes. But truly, I know, I can do something at once.

Have a happy Wednesday!
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