Thursday, April 4, 2013


Have you felt it?

I was busy with my reports when I suddenly feel dizzy. I looked at the bottle of water on my table and the water inside is moving.  I look around my table and there's nothing attached to it that can cause the movement and it's neither me.

I asked my colleague near to me if that's an earthquake, she's blank and asked the same question to me. Okay never mind! I just go on with what I am doing. But I feel really anxious so I texted Daddy, he then replied saying he don't felt it. So I open my FB account and there confirmed, a magnitude 5.4 earthquake had hit Luzon.

My sister in Nueva Ecija also updated her status about the earthquake and so many of my FB friends, hehe. Bilis noh?

Anyway, please be safe everyone and let's pray that no disaster is coming.
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