Friday, April 26, 2013

Photostory: Mom & Matt

Because May, my birthday + Mother's day month, is coming, let me share my 10 favorite photos of me and Matt.

This is our first ever photo. Please excuse me because I look so tired and manas pa. I couldn't actually believe that even at my ugliest, I feel so happy and contented.

The very first time I saw him, I fell in love with him.

Matt used to be always photo ready and he will look at the camera instantly. But now, we are having a hard time catching his best photo.

Matt is so serious here.
 Matt's serious look here is love.

I wonder what Matt is thinking here :)
 Matt is such a happy baby.

Mom & Matt ready to go to sleep
 He grows so fast :)

Chubby Matt
 Look he had his 4 teeth when he was 6 months. Sabay sabay tumubo =).

Mom and Matt look-alike

He' so cute here, right?
Showing off his teeth

I love this photo. I missed Matt when he was this little, cute and so chubby.

Cutie Mom and Matt =)

And so, I can't stop time and Matt is a baby no more.

At the Mary Mount Academy
Lastly, our recent photo.

Mom and Matt cheeks to cheeks

I know it's a cliche already, but time really flies so fast. Soon Matt will turn three. Soon he will go to school. Soon he will have his friends. Soon he will have his crush (oh no!). Soon he can decide for his self. Soon he will have his job. And soon he will have his own family.

But for now, I will cherish the moments when he wants to sleep beside me. When he wants to eat right beside me. When he wants to cuddle and play with us. When his world revolves only around us.

I will enjoy watching him imitating us, even his own self. Watch him dancing "Gangnam style" and "Chacha". Laugh at his trips like calling us the names of Be careful with my heart's characters.

Mommy: Sino si Mommy?
Matt: Si Maya.
Mommy: E si Daddy?
Matt: Si Sir Chief.
Mommy: Si Tita?
Matt: Si Maam (Aby's teacher, hehe)
Mommy: Si Nanay
Matt: Si Manang Fe.

We are really laughing when he's enumerating the characters. It's not obvious that he loves the series noh?

So there you go... My ten favorite photos of me and Matt. Hope you like it :)

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