Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our First Ever Event: Baby Blast Year 4

Yes, Baby Blast 4 is the first event we have attended. I have receive invites to several events but I always can't make it since they fall on weekdays or Saturdays. Good thing Baby Blast event fall on a Sunday. Since Sunday is our family day, Baby Blast event is perfect for that day.

So let me share "some" photos of the event. By the way, photos were mostly taken by Daddy Allan that's why you will not see him, hehe.

Warning: Photo bombs ahead :)

Baby Blast 4 Registration Booth

Here's Mommy and Matthew. Both wearing tops of the same color. =)

Mommy with Matthew
Momaye's Diary's badge here.

Momaye's Diary's Badge at the Baby Blast 4 poster
 There were play and learn areas.

Fun activities at Baby Blast 4

Creativity Corner


Coloring activity in one of the sponsors' booth

Matt tried this booth with foam slides and rides

Matt dancing here

Obviously, Matt had so much fun in this foamy booth =)

Happy Matt

Some of the event's sponsors. We are surprise to see our very own Chooks to Go.

Bounty Fresh Chooks to Go

Daddy forgot Matt's water in the car good thing there's available refreshment inside. It's not free though but very affordable naman.

Matt with mouth wide open ready to zip his drink
And the program begins...

Baby Blast 4 stage

The pretty hosts: Jackie of Go! Jackie Go and DJ Tony
 I have learned so much with the topics Baby Blast prepared with the help of some experts.


How to save money and the environment
Mad Science!
Parents with their cute kids and babies
We stayed at this side far from the crowd because Matt is so hyper and playful. He will dance, jump, sing and clap endlessly. And I am just so shy to mingle around, such a loner. Lol!

Mommy and Matt
 Look who fearlessly went up to the stage and join the kids and dancers.

Matthew rocking on the stage :)
Cutie-pie Matthew

Cute babies were also chosen. They are really so cute and most of them have foreign bloods pa :). The baby girls looked like a doll.

Cutest Babies
 Here's a paparazzi shot of DJ Tony. She's pretty right?

DJ Tony of Tambayan
 And of course our loots.

Daddy's loot for being one of the 100 pre-registrants

My loot
We need to go home earlier and we missed the second part. But we have enjoyed the event. I hope we van attend another Baby Blast event next year =)

Thank you Baby Blast!
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