Thursday, April 4, 2013

Photostory: Our Lunch

Our Lunch: Pork Menudo, Rice and Ripe Mangoes

This is what Daddy Allan and I had for lunch. Yes, we shared this food. 

If you remember the Eatwell Plate, I have talked about that I am trying to cut down my calories intake. I can't take away rice from my diet. I wonder why it is o hard. Last Monday, I told Daddy Allan I will not eat rice at night.

Me: Di na ko kakain ng rice mamayang gabi... Teka ano bang ulam?


Daddy Allan just smile.

Did I succeed?

Sad to say, NO!

How can I ever resist the charm of rice when the meals that Daddy Allan cooks go well with rice. And you know, it's so masarap to eat with the whole family.

Yesterday, I attempted to not eat rice again.

Me: Di na talaga ako kakain ng rice sa gabi.
Daddy Allan: Weh!?
Me: Uu nga, ano ba ulam kasi?


It depends on the ulam pala, lol.

I eat rice pa din last night but just a little lang. Maybe I just do it that way until I can resist rice =)

Enjoy the rest of the day everyone!

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