Monday, April 8, 2013

Ants and Spider Attack!

It's summer time again. Have you noticed that during summer, spiders and ants are everywhere the house? Black and red ants are everywhere our house now. Imagine when you drop just a piece of rice, in just a few seconds you can see an army of ants attacking.

And so we kept our house clean from spilled foods. Worst now is that they are even attacking our jars of sugar. Our house help already put them in a plate with water. Effective? Somewhat, yes. But still you can see them crawling around just like the spiders. My son is afraid of the black ants and the small spiders. He will jump and jump when they crawl towards him. 

We have done so many ways to drive them away but they will just leave for awhile them come back again with a great revenge. I remember that our house was located in a place that used to be a rice field. So people say, ants are really common and so do termites. Yay!

Oh I just hate them seeing around the house and bites you even when not doing something to them. I want to kill them all but I always remember the Antz movie :(

So let me share this Ants Inforgraphic and find some interesting facts about ants.
Ants Infographics by Moxie Pest Control

Yay, it scares me to know that the total weight of these tiny beings is approximately equals to the total of human beings on Earth.And the next time you see them crawling in a line, try to break the trail by scrubbing (to remove the pheromone) and you will see them crawling in different directions. 

Any ants pr spiders story? Please share.
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