Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Parenting Tips: Is your child ready for school?

Parts of the Body, Alphabet and Numbers Posters
These are also posted at Matt's room being used by his Tita. Believe it or not, Matt can identify and recite all of these. He is now into reading and writing. Now, we are thinking to send him to school already. But we are still contemplating because he will just turn three in less than two months. Although now, I know there are younger children, below 2, who are already in school.

Counting and Solar System Posters
Another thing is that I feel sending him to school this early will make him missed his carefree toddler years. I started schooling when I was already 6, same with Daddy Allan.

Are you also in the same boat? It’s hard to decide and weigh things at this point. Just to help us decide whether our little ones are ready for school, here are some important signs.

Is he already potty trained? I think this is a very important sign we must consider. I know you don’t want your child’s classmates to make fun of him when they see him still wearing diapers or can control his poop or pee. It will surely affect his self esteem and might affect his attitude towards school.

Can he wait for his turn? We must first teach our children to be patient and wait his turn. So that when he enter s school, he will no misbehaved and

Can he follow instructions? It is very important that your child can understand his teacher and as well as his classmates. In this way, he can communicate and socialize well. Thus, he will have good learning experience at school.

Can he express his self?  Like the ability to follow instructions, your child must clearly speak what he wanted to say.  Stop baby talking with your child for he needs to develop his language skills so he can adapt to the outside world.
Other signs may include that he can recite the alphabet, count from 1-20, identify colors and shapes, and can hold a pencil. But he can learn these all in school. Our toddlers are amazing learner so don’t worry that much.

So going through those signs above, Matt is already potty trained and he can pee on his own. I know he can wait for his turn but of course there are times he can’t wait. He can definitely follow instructions but sometimes he loves to do what he wants to do, haha. Matt is very talkative and can speak clearly. The problem is there are times when he can’t control his emotions and would just cry without telling what he wants. He is still a cry baby =)

I have read that girls mature earlier than boys and that boys have a greater tendency to have behavioral problems not just in school. Although this does not applies to all because every child differs from one another.

Matt is almost ready for school but I am still hesitant to enroll him. There’s a school near our home, we will inquire and let's see.

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What do you think Moms and Dads? Have you experienced the same situation? Please feel free to share other things to consider.
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