Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Daily inspiration: Don't handicap your children

Good morning everyone!

I am here blogging from home. I just finished packing the MTOs for delivery today. Daddy is cooking our "brunch" already. He will drive our in laws to the bus station then go to one of our plant. It's a holiday here in Bulacan but he needs to check the production there today. While I will be left here with my super kulit Matt. I love it!

So now, here's our Daily Inspiration for today.

Source: Quotes via Pinterest

Parents want and hope only the best for their children. We tend to give everything they need. Spoon feed them most of the times. Make their lives super comfortable. That's our happiness and we are all working so hard to give them a bright future.

But sometimes, we didn't notice that we are already handicapping them. They became over dependent to us thus making them incapable to live and decide for themselves  later on. 

It's okay to let them do things on their own. If they are really young, just be around and observe what they are doing. Let them help you clean the house and do the dishes. Teach them to organize their toys and clean up their mess.

It is much better to start young because that is the best time to inculcate in their mind the right values. Don't wait until they are all adult when their minds are already closed.

Remember that what they will be will mostly depend on what you teach them when they are young. 

Happy Tuesday!

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