Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Daily Inspiration: A Birthday Prayer

Good morning!

It's my day! So let me first utter a birthday prayer.
Birthday Prayer

Let me thank you for the continuous support and to those people who are trusting me and this blog. I may not be good at writing or talking. I may not always give you interesting stories, but I always write from my heart. 

No pretensions, no show offs. Just simply me - a daughter, a sister, a wife and a working mom. 

I still don't surrender my goal to become a stay or work at home mom. Momaye's Shoppe is just one proof that indeed my dream is possible. That's why like you my readers and followers, I am thankful to all my clients who keep on coming and trusting me. I am doing all my best to meet and even exceed your expectations. You just don't know how happy I am receiving all your positive feed backs. That inspire me more to do my best even if sometimes I feel so stressed and tired. Even if I am sill wide awake at 1 in the morning just to finish an order. Even if I sometimes neglecting my son.

And of course, my family is the source of my strength. My mother has always been my inspiration. I am happy she's finally with me. I know there are still problems in our family and I will just let time heal all the wounds because at the end of the day, family will always be a family.

To my loving husband, Daddy Allan, who is with me through thick and thin, thank you so much. You make me feel more blessed and like what I am always saying, I am just here when no one else will be there for you and that I love you so much.

To my son, who complete me as a woman, one day you will read this blog. It's almost everything about you baby and how proud we are to have you. Mommy and Daddy will always support you all the way so don't be afraid and be strong. I love you so much baby!

Above all, I thank God for giving me another year for opportunities, blessings and even tests. I have learned to accept life as it is. I learned to not worry about tomorrow because I know You are always here and no one or anything is bigger than You. You are the center of our family and our faith in You keeps our love for each other stronger.

Thank you! Thank you!

P.S.: Please wait for my giveaway announcement :)
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