Friday, May 31, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Focus on being a Blessing

Hello everyone! It's kinda late I know. I have so many reports to review because it's Friday reporting day. 

Anyway, today is the last day of May and I will not forget my giveaway that I promise. Daddy and I are talking about it and the prizes to give. Maybe we will have the same prizes like the first giveaway we have hosted. I will try to include gift packs as well. I am just so busy this month of May and June is here already. We will be busier in the coming days as we are preparing for our son's 3rd birthday. As I already said, we decided to temporarily stopped the accepting of MTOs. We still have many orders to finish and I am like a zombie already. And as you all know apart from my job, my shop, crocheting and blogging, I am also homeschooling Matt. So please bear with me =)

Anyway, let's have our Daily Inspiration for today.

Daily Inspirational Quotes
The more you think you are blessed, the more you will be blessed. That is so true. I receive so many blessings this Month and I'm praying I will be more blessed in the coming months. 

Always count your blessings and stay positive. Be happy.

Happy Friday payday!