Saturday, May 4, 2013

I am loving Sakura!

Two weeks ago, I have received these great products from Sakura Philippines.

Sakura Hand and Nail Cream, Foot and Heel Lotion, Foam Hand Sanitizer and  Anti-bacterial and Moisturizing Hand Soap
 Let us look at them one by one.

The hand sanitizer works like a soap but you don't need water to wash it off. I love it!

Sakura Foam Hand Sanitizer, 50 ml for 65.75 pesos only

This Hand and Nail Cream contain Niacinamide that nourishes the hands and strengthen the nails. Just what I need after long hours of crocheting.

Sakura Hand and Nail Cream, 50 ml for 99.95 pesos

The Foot and Heel Lotion has a special ingredients, Portucala extract, that helps moiturize, deodorize and heal the dry skin of the heels. You can also use it in your elbows, knees and other dry parts of your body.

Sakura Foot and Heel Lotion, 50 ml for 99.95 pesos
Lastly, the Anti-bacterial and Moisturizing Hand Soap has Aloe Vera and essential oils that keep the skin moisturize even with frequent washing. 

Sakura Anti-bacterial and Moisturizing Hand Soap,  500 ml for 138.0 pesos only
Great news is that you can have a chance to try these products by joining the Sakura Mommy of the Month. Aside from these products, there are many prizes at stake so send in your entries now.

Treat yourself to a daily spa experience with Sakura products. You deserve it!

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