Friday, May 31, 2013

Decorating Our Home Sweet Home

The other day, while having our breakfast, Daddy and I were talking about buying new sofa set. Our sofa set is almost 6 years old though it still looks okay. I just want to replace it with an L-shaped sofa set to maximize space. Also, I want a wider seats so I can comfortably watch TV or crochet. Sounds contrasting?

Anyway, I would love to have this one if budget permits

photo source

 Or maybe this one.
photo source
What do you think? Both looks good right?

Also, this 4-seater black and red modern glass dining set is love!

Our Dining set, like of sofa set, is almost 6 years old already. It's a 6-seater dining table set and it consumes big space. The one above will surely saves space. I have been bugging Daddy about it already.

I am sure mommies you love to decorate your home too. When I have free time I like researching on different  home decoration ideas. I love looking at lovely home decorations. I even featured here about recycled home decorations.

Going back to buying new sets for our home, I asked Daddy if he can make a loan, haha. Aside from it, we need to do some small repair and renovations at our house. I know we should have done it long before the summer ends, but because we are both busy we forget all about it.

If only I have extra budget, then I will buy home decor stuffs here and there. But we need to save for more important things that's why I just close my eyes when we pass by a home decor store. Haha. Have you done that too mommies?

Hopefully we can at least make the repair. But still hoping for the new sets, haha.
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