Thursday, May 16, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Patience and Moderation

Good morning!

Our internet connection here at work is still worst. My boss already approved to buy Globe Tattoo. I asked Daddy to buy one so I will have no reasons why I can't email reports, hehe.

Anyway, let's have our Daily Inspiration for today.

Daily Inspirational

I will admit, I am not cool and calm as you think. I often make patol to people who would say nasty things especially about my family. Anyone who will be in that situation will do the same. It takes a lot of control not to burst in anger when your family is the one who is being hurt and attacked.

But as times passed by, I learned to keep calm and cool. I learned to tolerate nasty words. I learned to just let it enter my left ear and go straight in my right ear. I just keep my silence. That's the best way I can do. Because the more you entertain them, the happier they will be. All they want is to see you at your worst, at your desperate, anger state. It's not healthy for us too.

So learn to be more patient and learn to moderate your self. Practice the act of maximum tolerance as much as possible. But is you can't, turn to God. Just like what Juan Dela Cruz say, "Bossing ikaw ang resbak ko!"

Yun oh!

Happy Thursday!
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