Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dreaming of a Luxury World

I am not a material person. I value all the things and people around me regardless of what and who they are. But I must admit that sometimes, I dream of living in a luxury world full of luxury products. Dreaming is just free so let's dream anyway.

Almost everyone dreams of having a luxury house. A castle like that of Brangelina’s.

photo source

With a luxury living room like this. 

photo source
I have been long dreaming for a sofa set like that. It looks so comfortable and perfect for my crocheting.

How about a kitchen like this? 

photo source
Daddy for sure will love to cook here.

Of course the luxury bedroom that makes you feel  like you're in a hotel. I will sleep like a queen for sure.

photo source
Finally, to blog using this Gold and diamond MacBook. 

photo source

Yes, even if I will live in a luxury world I will never quit blogging. Because blogging makes me happy just like crocheting. I feel so free to express my self and dream like this.

I think I need to wake up now and go back to reality. The reality of life. That even we are  living in a simple world, I am happy and blessed. For I have the most precious and priceless possession in the world. And that's my family, my simple happiness.

Do you also dream of a luxury world? I would love to hear yours.

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