Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Daily Inspiration: Success and Envy

Good morning mothers!

I am so happy! Even I don't have enough sleep I feel so alive. Our first day night of homeschooling is success. Though I must admit, Matt really play it hard. Hehe. But I can see positive signs because when I ask him what I taught him last night he can still remember it. That's why I am so happy and the time I spent is worth it. I know it's too early to say how our homeschooling journey will go to, but at least I can see positive signs to keep me going. I will tell you about how our first lesson went.

Meanwhile, let's have our Daily Inspiration for today.

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Envy always comes with success. Because not all people will be happy for your success. There are few or some who will still wish you bad. There are people who will feel envious of your success.

At one point in my life, I will honestly admit that I feel so envious with the success of others. I think everyone has that experience. I am only human after all. But as I grow, I learn not to look at the success of others instead look at what I have. 

I believe that everyone is going through something in life. Everyone has his own trials to face. The only difference is the way we handle it, face life and move on. So try to keep out envy in your heart. If you want it and do what you should do, you will be successful in your way.

It's hard sometimes, but let's just be happy for others. It's good for our hearts =)

Happy Tuesday!
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