Thursday, May 30, 2013

Homeschooling: A is for Apple

Wednesday is letter day. And our letter for today is A.

Since I have observed Matt loves to color, I printed more coloring pages and I let him color all of these:

Matt's work of art - A is for apple

For me those are masterpiece. It may not be perfectly colored but I know the effort my son gave when he try to color those is beyond perfection.

Anyway, I have another observation again. Matt will be interested in writing when I will let him use the crayons. Maybe he wants not a plain pencil but a colored pencil that's why. So I let him do what he likes to do.

Matt is so serious here
Now, he loves to trace. Thank you to the crayons, hehe. I need to find colored pen or pencils so he can use that instead.

Look, he recites after our lesson.

Matt reading the letters

Also, I am teaching him to put back all the things we used after our lesson. This will teach him to be organized and to love his things.

Matt putting back his crayons
And after the lesson, I continue my crochet works.

Crochet converse, doll booties and headband

Now, I feel that Matt can take the reading lessons already. I am still searching for free resources. Please let me know if you know one. Thanks in advance.

That's our Wednesday lesson, tonight is Number lesson. 
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