Saturday, May 25, 2013

Updated: Nido Fortified + SuperMom Magazine

Before Mother's day, I received special gifts and one of these is from Nido Philippines.

Nido SuperMom Magazide and Nido Fortified, Forti-Choco and Forti-Melon
I am so happy to become part of their campaign. My son is a Nido baby since he was one.

I love that Nido has difference flavors now aside from the original vanilla flavor.

Nido Fortified
Now, the Nido milk we love is available in Melon flavor.

Nido Forti-Melon
 And also in Choco Flavor.
Nido Forti-Choco

We tried first the Nido Forti-Melon. I was hesitant to to try because one time while we are having a grocery we passed by a sample booth of another milk brand that is melon flavored. Matt didn't like it. Anyway, I let him choose and he chose the Forti-Melon.

Matt was so excited that he can't wait to hand him the glass of Nido Forti-Melon. See, his was the one who is stirring the milk.

Matt stirring a glass of Nido Forti-Melon
 Quickly, he drank it.

 He just stop and pause for the camera. Lol.

Then he continued drinking...

 He's almost done here.

When I asked if it's yummy, he smile and said "yummy! masarap talaga!".

Thumbs up!!!

And oh, I would also like to thank Nido for this wonderful SuperMom Magazine.

Nido SuperMom Magazine cover: SuperMoms Take Centerstage

What's inside the Nido SuperMom Magazine
Actually all the topics above are very helpful, but I like Temperament and Learning Styles of Children the most. I appreciate How to be Thrifty During the Toddler Years too. And aside from learning through those helpful topics inside the SuperMom magazine, I will have a chance to win an iPad Mini. Want an iPad Mini too? Okay, just get a copy of Nido SuperMom magazine and answer this survey. This is until May 31 only so grab your chance now. Good luck to us =)

Again, thank you so much Nido!

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