Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Mommy & Baby Bonding Moments with Babyflo

Mother's day are indeed for Moms! I received another gift pack from Baby Flo.

Baby Flo products
I have tried this Baby Flo Shampoo on Matt. It smells so good but not too matapang. I like it because it's no tears and mild to the eyes.

Baby Flo Baby Shampoo

Matt has a sensitive skin so I don't really apply lotion. He sweats a lot kasi. But I can't resist this Baby Flo Milk lotion. It's not sticky on skin :)

Baby Flo Baby Milk Lotion

Of course, this Baby Flo cologne is the best. It's smell so baby, hehe. You can see more of the huggable scents here.

Baby Flo Baby Cologne

Baby Flo has wipes and petroleum jelly too.

Baby Flo Baby Wipes and Petroleum Jelly

And lastly, Baby Flo Gentle and Baby Buds.

Baby Flo Baby and Gentle Buds

This Baby Flo flyer is so cute that's why I am sharing this too.

Thank you so much Baby Flo!

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