Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photostory: At home =)

Hello guys! I am blogging from home. I usually don't blog at home because I spend more time with Matt then do crocheting. But I feel the urge to make this post.

Yesterday, at work, the power went out. Good thing we have generator but our internet connection also disappear. Then we went home early, had early dinner then just when we finished eating the power went out again. Brownout!

I pity Matt so much as he is sweating so much. Though he was not complaining, he was actually so hyper. We attempted to crochet with the candle light but it was really hot that we decided to sleep early. God really has a way to tell us we must sleep as we are not sleeping well these past weeks. Thank God the power went back at 8 pm. 

Tonight, I hope there will be no power interruption. Anyway, here's what we are doing right now.

I am finishing this crochet hat as my client needs this on Saturday for her baby's baptism. While Daddy is cooking our dinner.

In less than an hour, dinner is ready!

Ube, mushroom soup and friend chicken wings with gravy

Tara, let's eat!

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