Monday, May 27, 2013

Homeschooling: We are ready for tonight

We are so ready for tonight's first lesson!

Homeschooling Lesson # 1

Cow is the theme for the week. I just downloaded all the necessary materials for this week lesson # 1.

Matt has been bugging me to study since last Friday. We temporarily stop so I can prepare for this week's homeschooling lesson. I told him we will resume our lesson tonight. 

Meanwhile, we played with clay instead. Look what we have made the other night.

Matt making Mickey Mouse

He did enjoyed playing with clay. I will make shapes, letters and animal, and he will them match it with the  corresponding shapes, letters and animals on his charts. I will say very good and I show him how much I am delighted. He will then give me kisses and hugs. Those are priceless rewards right?

I will try to post what's the result of our lesson each day. So please stay tune =)
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