Tuesday, May 28, 2013

My Very First Travel Experience

Almost 6 years ago, our company gave me a privilege to travel to Bangkok, Thailand. They sent me to attend a training for one of our equipment in the laboratory.

I was so hesitant to go because I am not used to travelling alone and outside the country. I have so many fears and even told Daddy, that I will just let it pass and say no. He told me it's a big opportunity I must grab and just enjoy that 5-day trip.

It was my very first travel experience. My very first airplane ride. I told you I can easily get sick travelling and it was terrible before. I entered the NAIA Terminal too without any idea what to do inside. I just go with the flow, haha. I checked in and get the window seat, and passed to the immigration officers. I remember putting off my shoes too. And I was also wondering where my luggage goes, haha.

When I was already inside the airport, I felt really sad. I don't know why but tears fell from my eyes. I was not sure if it's because I will travel alone, I am afraid of riding the plane or I am not used to going far away from my comfort zone.

I have waited for 2, 3, 4 hours to finally board the plane. Yes, I have experienced the super delayed flight as well. I boarded the plane with blank mind and I only came to my senses when I am finally inside looking for my seat. Since I chose the seat near the window, I had a good view of the outside of the plane. I was still so nervous that time. So I listen very carefully to all the instructions from seat belts to all the safety precautions inside the plane.

When the plane take off, I felt like my stomach turn upside down. I think my heart beats 5 times faster than usual so I just close my eyes and pray so hard. When I open my eyes, this is it, I am up in the sky.

Up in the sky =)
I had goosebumps actually. There's a different feeling I can't explain when you up there.

Before my flight, I already contacted my cousin who is based in Bangkok. Fortunately, she can fetch me at the airport. From the airport we rode a taxi and go straight to The Montien Hotel where I was booked for 5 nights.

The Montien Hotel BKK, Superior Room

The room is good for two and it's on the 17th floor. Here's the view from up there.

View from the 17th floor

And here's what you can see at night. So many lights.

Bangkok at night

Like Manila, there are also traffic jams in Bangkok. Actually for me, Bangkok is like Manila minus all the temples.

I stayed in Bangkok for 5 days but I missed visiting many tourist spots in there. One, because I don't have a constant companion. Though my cousin is there, she don't have enough free time to show me around. Second, I don't plan the trip. If I only knew there's a advisor traveling portal then, I will have ideas about where to go in Bangkok. I should have maximize the time I stayed in Bangkok too.

Anyway, thanks to my cousin who accompanied me in doing some shopping and eating. Haha. That I won't ever forget to buy some pasalubongs (presents).

Eating, shopping and riding the BTS
Having dinner with my beautiful cousin

After 5 days, my training was finally completed. 

With Dr. Saunders, NIR Expert
Overall, the trip gave me a great experience. Aside from the knowledge I acquired from the training, this trip gave me self confidence and trust. I realize I can still do things alone. 

Hopefully, I can travel back to Bangkok with Daddy and Allan. Maybe after completing my travel destination list
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