Monday, May 20, 2013

Decorating Our Dream Farm House

One thing I really want when I retire from work is to have a farm house. Actually, I am thinking of retiring from work earlier than most working people do. 

My goal is to be a full time mom before I turn 40. It will be a lot better if I will have a work from home. I will still continue our small business and do buy and sell too. I want to be able to directly import baby stuffs and sell at much cheaper price. Those are my goals and hopefully I can make it through God’s grace.

Anyway going back to our dream farm house, Daddy and I are planning to invest on buying a farm land. This is right after we finished paying our house. As early as now, I am looking for possible design of our farm house. Unlike our current house that is designed by the developer, I want our dream farm house to be personally designed and decorated by us.

farm house
I just want a simple structured house. A well ventilated house with at least 4 rooms so that the future families of our children can stay there with comfort. I want each room to have good lights, and I will place lamp shades so that my grandchildren will not be afraid to sleep at night.

Since it’s a farm house, I want a really huge garden where our grandchildren can freely run and play. I will ask Daddy to put a mini pool and a lanai. We will plant different fruit bearing trees, flowering plants and vegetables. I am sure my grandchildren will enjoy harvesting and picking up fruits and vegetables.

I will also place lamp shades around the house and the garden. Good thing there are various new lamp shades to choose from. Lamp shades will make our garden and house bright even at night. We can do barbecue party even at night. 

I am praying we can make this dream come true. For the meantime, I will be heading to dreamland to I can finish decorating our dream farm house.

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