Monday, May 27, 2013

My Top 5 Travel Destinations

I have already mentioned here that one of the five things I want to do before I get old is to travel. This is something I really want to do before I lose the energy to do it. 

Just like what I wrote, the first destination in my list is Disneyland. 

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This is because Matt loves Mickey Mouse and his clubhouse friends. I am sure he will be so delighted when he see Mickey Mouse in person. Daddy and I will also enjoy this trip for sure because as I child, we also dream to go to Disneyland someday. Also, Daddy who's a photo enthusiast will surely take tons of photos there.

The next place I want to visit is Japan. Why? Because I am dying to see the cherry blossoms.

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Lovely right? It is so pink and I can't wait to walk between those lovey trees.

Given a chance, I will also love to go a cruise. I am still undecided what cruise to take, but Asian cruise will be fine. 

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I hope by the time I have time to travel, I also have enough resources to afford a cruise. Honestly, I am afraid of travelling via sea. I can easily get sea sick with the waves. By the way, I just have one question with those who have traveled via huge cruise ship. Can you still feel the waves when you are inside the ship? I hope not or I will not enjoy that much.

Looking for nice travel destination now is easier. There are trip and travel magazine that you can use to guide you where to travel. They provide information about travel statistics, reviews, hotels, arts and cultures, festivals, travel technology and all the other information you need to help you design what travel option to choose and where to go. So if you are undecided where to go, you can always look for trip and travel magazines.

Going back to my list, I will not miss traveling around our own country. The top in my list is Palawan. I want to go to El Nido, Palawan.

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I want to see that breath taking view. If I only I can swim then I will try snorkeling or water diving to experience the rich marine life down there.

And last in my travel destination list is Batanes. 

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Batanes is a beautiful island and I know you will agree with me if I say it's like a paradise. I just hope I can endure all the adventures Batanes is offering.

So that's the 5 destinations I want to go to. I am praying I can travel at least 2 destinations before I get old. How old?  50 maybe =)

Do you also want to travel? Please share.
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