Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Homeschooling: Tuesday Red Square

For Tuesday it's Shape and Color lesson. The shape and color for today is square and red, respectively.

First I let have trace some squares I printed in a bond paper. Then I let him color each square.

Matt coloring a square
I can see Matt enjoys the coloring part. Unlike the first day, Matt is in a mood last night. So we finished earlier.

Homeshooling: Day Two, Tuesday Red Square

Aside from doing our Tuesday lesson, we review our Monday lesson. I am happy because he still remember the COW and the CALF. I should print photos of the two and paste them on Matt's learning poster too. 

Yesterday while looking at our lesson, I realize we can move to the next level. I mean in the Preparatory Curriculum that I have downloaded, supposedly the child should learn the letters, shapes, animals and colors. But Matt knows these already. What I should teach him is how to read and write. I am not so sure as I am not a professional teacher but that's what I feel. Please correct me if I'm wrong.

Anyway, I will just finish this week's lesson and I will look at the reading curriculum that includes letters and sounds. Maybe I can design my own lesson plan.

Tonight, our lesson is about letters. Gotta go and print some coloring pages for Matt.