Thursday, May 9, 2013

Momaye's Shoppe First Anniversary

In my quest to become a stay/work at home mom, Momaye's Shoppe was born exactly one year today. Initially, we are just selling Alva cloth diaper as I became inspired in promoting cloth diaper to all the Moms I know.

Then, I got an inspiration to do crafts that includes making handmade headbands and booties, and later on Daddy Allan and I make made to order crochet accessories. That became a big hit, as far as I know, and the rest is history  :)

Because of this, and my birthday, we are planning to have another giveaway and the first  for this year. There will be two winners. The prizes will be announce once the giveaway is posted. I am still waiting for other sponsors :)

Momaye's Diary & Momaye's Shoppe Birthday + First Anniversary Giveaway

With this let me thank you for the continuous support and trust to our humble shop. I am praying it will grow even more so I can pursue my dream to be a WAHM.

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Again, thank you!!!
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