Friday, May 17, 2013

Mother's Day 2013

Almost everyone already posted about how their Mother's day went, except me. Hehe. So it is still better late than never.

We have no plan of going to our home town that day. But my mother in law told us there's a sack of rice waiting for us plus my half sister texted me that she will give us garlic, vegetables and mangoes. And so Daddy and I agreed to go home that day but we will be back to Bulacan later that afternoon too since it's election the next day.

So there, we woke up at 4 in the morning. Daddy, me, Matt and Nanay went home. We reached my in-laws house at around 8 in the morning.

Lola Mama is extremely happy seeing Matt again. Daddy failed to take more photos and I don't know why. Daddy please explain!

Our plan is to meet up with my siblings. We had our lunch at Jollibee as per kid's request. We waited for long lines and after almost an hour, we got a table for us.

Here's Matt waiting for the order.

At last the orders arrived. Spaghetti and fries for the kids. Chicken for the kids at heart, hehe.

Again, Daddy didn't took more photos here. I don't know if he's still shy or just too hungry.

After eating, we went to the Church where our car was parked. My brother bought Matt a balloon that makes the little boy extremely happy.

Here's Matt with my brother at the back. I am so happy to be with them. God is really good for He answer my prayers quickly. Time really heals all wounds and that blood is thicker than water.

Anyway, here's my niece Gelai, running after Matt because of the balloon.

Ooops, she fell down.

Here's ate Ara to the rescue.

Here's Matt with Lola Mama. The boy kept on running around. He is super hyper that day to think we  have traveled for 4 long hours that morning.

Before we parted and bid goodbye, here's a lovely photo of me, our Nanay and my sister with Ara, my brother's daughter.

When I grabbed Matt to go to the car, he gave me sweet kisses. This little boy loves kissing us actually. He is so sweet I swear!

We went back to our in-laws house and just rest for awhile before heading back home. This is the bahay-kubo I am telling you about. At the back of this are rice fields and you can see vegetable gardens around.

Here's Nanay with my half sister.

And of course, Matt will always be the finale.

Nest time, I hope Daddy will not be that shy to take photos with his DSLR. Also, I remind him to bring his tripod so he will be included in picture taking =)

This the happiest Mother's day I ever had. Nothing really beats celebrating with the whole family. So what can I ever ask for. My birthday wish is granted. Thank you Lord. You are so good to me and my family.

Again, Happy Mother's day! Cheers to all mothers!

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