Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Daily Inspiration: 3 Simple Rules in Life

Happy Wednesday! Yay, it's mid-week already. Time flies so fast and soon we will say goodbye to July na.

Here's our Daily Inspiration to start up our day right.

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These are the three simple rules in life. When we dream, don't just dream but follow your dream and make it happen. Risk is always the best thing to take otherwise, you'll forever regret not doing what you want. Honestly, I am afraid of taking risk because I always want to play safe. But I realize nothing will happen if I don't actually try it. 

One of the risk I take is having an online shop. It took me a year to finally decide, yes it's now or never. It's not easy since I am a working mom too and most of the times, my online shop eats my extra time. But since I love what I'm doing, I can make a way to have time for it. Now I realize, that once you take the first step there's no turning back. I'm already here, I can sell and all I need to do is to work harder and come up with more good ideas. I will get there, I can make my dream come true.

I believe that living a life is just simple if we know what we should rightly do. So do what you want, ask for an answer and courageously make your first step. That's all simple. :)
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