Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photostory: Almost Overflowing Bridge

The photo above is the Macaiban Bridge in Sta. Maria, Bulacan. This is the shortcut road to the town and this is the usual route we take everyday to avoid traffic. Yesterday, it overflowed. Upon seeing it I felt goosebump all over my body for it looks like an ocean. You can't see the bridge and all you can see is water with strong current. Daddy Allan wanted to take photos of it but I told him not to because I was really nervous and told him to drive back to the town proper and take the National Road instead.

Did you know that during typhoon Ondoy, the water reached upto the cliff like part there? That's what I feared so I asked Daddy to drive back ASAP.

So today, we went early to work just in case the bridge is not passable yet. Thank God the water subsided though it almost touched the top of the bridge.

I have very bad experience with Ondoy so I always fear heavy continuous raining. I hope the weather will be fine tomorrow for I can see hopes today. 

Do you also have Ondoy like story? Care to share?
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