Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Free Blogger Event: $2500 Giveaway One Big Christmas & New Year

Another FREE Blogger Event is here!

$2500 Giveaway One Big Christmas & New Year Sign Up

This event is brought to you by Pregnancy Forum and few of their friends to make this giveaway a special, big and successful event of 2012. 

What is the Prize:

3 lucky winners
Grand Prize - $1000 Paypal Cash  - First 2 winners 
Third Prize - $500 

How to Join:

Sign up HEREBlogger Sign Ups is from July 16 to September 28. You will need to publish this giveaway sign up announcement on your blog and put the $2500 One Big Christmas & New Year Giveaway  button on your blog sidebar to claim your 2 FREE links. Or if you don't feel like posting the giveaway sign up then you can pay $5 for the links.

Join now!
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