Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Photostory: Love What I'm Doing

Here's what we are doing for the passed weeks. WE, my husband and I, are doing handmade cloth flowers, ribbons and modern baby booties. After work, we delegate at least an hour for this, while Matt is still outside the house for his afternoon stroll.

The modern booties, however, is not yet perfect. We really need to buy a reliable sewing machine so we can make a good quality one. But at least, even just hand sewing it we made a picture of what it looks like. Enough to make us inspired. With flowers naman, it's much easier to make by hand sewing. I think I need ribbons na lang so I don't need to sew the edges. We are also learning crocheting and the truth is, it's a bit hard but we are learning naman. Huray!

These are the reasons why I really need more time. I want these to push through and as the saying goes "kung gusto, maraming paraan" (if you want it, there's always a way), I will make time for these.

One more thing. I really love what I'm doing that's why I never get tired each day doing multitask. Still, I need to take a rest once in awhile to avoid sickness (which I hate the most).

Do you also love what you are doing, or are you  into something you enjoy this passed days?
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