Thursday, July 12, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Success

Another morning, another blessing!

Here's our Daily Inspiration:

How can we measure success? Is it based on how much material things you have or how accomplished you are? We have our own definition of success and it depends on how we view life.

I remember, almost 5 years ago, we invested money on several businesses. I told my husband we should be a millionaire at the age of 30. Our 30th birthday came, we are not yet a millionaire but we received the biggest blessing in our life - our precious son. I can say, I may not be a millionaire now but I have a gift money can't ever buy.

Am I successful? I have a wonderful work though still thinking of working at home for good. I have a wonderful husband, a supportive family, a blog, an online shop, trusted friends, a home, a good health and I have a son. Some equates success to happiness and if that so, I feel I am successful with my life. I don't need millions of pesos, I just need enough for my family.

But that doesn't stop there because I am mother already. If there's one thing I want to really be successful with is that to raise my son and future children well to become good people. I want to see them happy and successful with their chosen paths. And if in case they won't succeed, they can come back to me and their dad for comfort and understanding. I want them to easily find their way back home with mom and dad.

Happy Thursday!
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