Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Daily Inspiration: You say... God say...

It's still a gloomy Wednesday though it is not that dark like yesterday. Last night, floods almost everywhere were on the news. What really broke my heart was the accident that happened in Valenzuela where a huge block of stones buried homes. Two already died, one of which is still under the stone. He was the father who saved his two children from death. I hope his body will be recovered soon. 

This is another sad accident that took away a father from his family. His children are still young and I am pretty sure they will not clearly remember what had happened. I remember when my brother died from  an accident almost 15 years ago. His three son and wife were left behind. The three sons don't remember anything about their father or they just refused to remember because they give it pain. *sigh*

Oh sorry, I don't want to make your day this dramatic. Anyway, this is my first post for my Daily Inspiration. This is very timely especially these days when tragic events happens almost everyday. My first post is You say... God say..

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I am sure you have said many of these lines. In times when we are really desperate, full of problems and feeling helpless. That's a natural reaction though. But let us keep in mind that we have a powerful God and there's no problem bigger than Him. I also believe that God never give us a burden we can't handle and when we say "I'm too tired", He'll say "I will give you rest" (Matthew11:28-30).

Let God lead our way and tell all your problems "I HAVE A BIGGER GOD".

Is this coincidence? I can see the sun shining... Thank God!

Stay safe everyone and have a blessed Wednesday!
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