Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Parenting Tips: Good Alternative Threats for Your 2-Year Old

Hello Moms and Dads!

From now on, I will be featuring Parenting Tips that will be helpful for us.  For our first Parenting Tips, here are the good alternative threat for your 2-year old toddler.

I know the feeling of battling with your toddler because I have mine too. I came to understand and learn the behavior of my son. At his age of 2, he doesn't want to be refrained or obstructed with what he loves doing. He is becoming independent to the point that he thinks he already knows what he is doing. Like the his burn accident last March. He tried to help his grandmother to prepare his bath so he grabbed the thermos and that was when he got the burns. It broke my heart and I can't explain how I felt that time-  the very first time I felt so much pain inside.

So from then on, we are extra careful with everything. As much as possible, I carefully explain to him all the consequences his action might bring. Yes, I often lost control and scream with madness and I guess that's part of life having a toddler. But then again, I have observed that doesn't help and it just stressed me out. So I think patience works much better. 

Instead of threatening him, I give him choices or I'll tell him what will happen so he'll understand me better. For instance, we always have a hard time when we are at the grocery. He will whine and attempt to pick all the items on the shelves. So what we do is to do it fast or I will totally lose my sanity. And then I realize, maybe he just want to help us. So I let him go down and push the cart  and it works. Maybe riding on the push cart is boring for him already and he wants to do what mom and  dad are doing.

So those are some helpful alternative threats that we can say to our toddler. In this way, we can avoid more stress and at the same time we are building the trust between you and your toddler.

If you have more parenting tips, please don't hesitate to share. Happy Parenting! 
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