Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Work for A Cause...

The sun shines up again! Another working day for us and hopefully we can survive until the end of the weekday, the pay day! Yey!

Anyway, I like to share this with you for our Daily Inspiration:

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Ever since I work, I really don't want people to notice me. I'm a very low profile person and same is my group. We are just doing our best to meet the deadline and send reports on time. We are working behind the company and assures everything conforms to standards. There are times people would question our credibility but we always prove our worth by doing our job well.

Competition is very tough everywhere so to be able to move up and make a name, some really aims to impress. I am not saying that is wrong but always remember that we can't please everybody so it is much better to live who you are and do what is right. I remember what a speaker told us during one of our  ISO seminars, he was the Quality Management of their company. They don't really know his importance until he resigned and was replaced by three people. Imagine that?

We really don't need to impress so that people will always notice us. What is important is that we live to be true to our self. In everything you do, do your best and do it with your heart so that when you are gone, they will feel how much they lost without you.

Happy Tuesday!

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