Monday, July 23, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Be Strong, Brave and Humble

Welcome Monday! Yes, it's Monday again, and I don't know what is wrong with time, lol! 

Sometimes, I just wish time will slow down a little bit. I feel that I am missing a lot of things about Matt's development. Two nights ago, I hear him sing a whole song for the first time. We were about to sleep, Daddy Allan was already asleep I think and I was half awake since I was waiting for him to sleep first. To my surprise, he sang: "Ko'y may lobo... Lipat langit... Di nakita... Putok na pala... Sayang pera... Biliiii lobo... Pagkain sana... Busog pa akoooo..." He actually memorize all the songs I sing to him and so when i stop he will continue singing it. 

Okay, okay enough of the drama. Here's our Daily Inspiration!

This is very inspiring right? Don't lose hope because we always find strength in God. Be strong.  Fear no one for God is always with us. No problem is bigger than God. Be brave. And when we find success, give it back to Him. Be humble.

Happy Monday! Hoping Ferdie will leave us soon.

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