Friday, July 20, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Apologizing

Good morning people! The weather is really gloomy and nakakatamad (feeling lazy) right? It's difficult to wake up and get ready for work during this day. Anyway, I need to go to work because it's reporting day today. Like every Fridays of my week, I am anticipating this would be a busy day for me.

Okay, let us start this with our Daily Inspiration.
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In every relationship, be it friendship, work or marriage, you can avoid arguments and misunderstandings. They say, if you don't argue, you don't care for each other. That's why people love to argue even on petty things. 

I think the best way to lessen arguments is to learn to respect each other's opinion, because there's no right or wrong opinion anyway. When you are into an argument with your colleague or wife or husband or sister or friend, don't come to a point  of cursing them. Hurtful words once given cannot be erased or taken back. So better watch your words.

Also, I know what is very hard for us is to apologize because we don't want to accept our mistake. But sometimes apologizing does not necessarily means you are wrong. When you shows humility by apologizing first even if you are not really wrong, it just shows that you value your relationship more than your own ego. Yes, sometimes we don't realize that a petty argument can lead to the distraction of our valued relationship like in marriage. You don't know that when petty arguments piled up it can build a wall between you and your wife or husband. Then BOOM, you can't see each other anymore. If you can understand better, is it too much to apologize just to save your relationship? Your EGO or your RELATIONSHIP? Choose!

Thank God its Friday!
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