Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Your Real King

Our Daily Inspiration for the day is for you Ladies!

Ladies, I know you have dream guys before you get married? Is he the one you married or far from that dream guy?

I must confess I have my dream guy too, but I ended up with a real guy. I never thought we'll end up together. Could you imagine how many years we have let to passed? We have known each other since Kindergarten, went to same schools from Elementary, Highschool to College. Even took up the same course and now working at the same company.He's my bestfriend for almost 20 years now.  Is it destiny?

Sometimes, we are looking for a perfect guy to come into our life. We look so far that we forget to look closer. Only then we will realize that the one we are looking for is just in front of us all the while.

So ladies, if you already find your king don't push them to perfection or you might end up losing him.

Happy Wednesday!

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