Friday, July 13, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Life is like a Camera

Thank God it's Friday! But unfortunately for me, it's my most stressful day of the week. Why? It's because on Fridays we sends reports and results, and that I need to check almost 20 reports. So I need to start checking them now.

I almost forgot, today is Lucky Friday the 13th and PAYDAY! Yey! So with that, let me share this for our Daily Inspiration.

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Life is not perfect and it's not always happy, that we need to accept. We all have shares of positive and negative events in our lives. I try my best to be positive all the time. I used to hate it when things went out of my way, but then I realize there's a better reason why that happen. It's like a heavy traffic when you are already late. There's a reason why you are in that situation. I used to hate it but now I always look at the positive side of it. God is delaying me because He has a reason.

We can't avoid mistakes since we are not perfect. We should learn to accept our mistake and learn from it. They say we grow and develop through our mistakes. That's so true. And lastly, don't lose hope and never give up in life.

Happy Friday!
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