Monday, July 30, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Trust Yourself!

A rainy Monday everyone! Hmm, whenever it's Monday there's a new typhoon around. The weather is a bed-weather and I am feeling lazy. Hehe.

I missed blogging yesterday. We were so busy with sewing. I will share that with you one of these days.

For the meantime, here's our Daily Inspiration for the day.

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Do you trust yourself? Sometime ago, I was a shy girl who lacks confidence. My teachers before were telling me that I am intelligent but I lack self confidence. If I was not that shy before, I might have graduated with more than the honor I have received. Anyway, that was so yesterday. After college graduation, everything changed. I landed a job and from here, I learned to be strong and to trust myself. I don't know how, but trusting myself boost myself confidence a lot. Well, apart from the phrases I am receiving, trusting myself helps me to do what I believe I can.

Now that I have my own family and thinking of a way to be a stay-at-home mom, once again I trust myself that I can make a way. I can do it that is why I am making my way to it now. Even if I am still unsure, I risk to have an online shop. Before, I am doubting if I will have time for it but because I trust myself that I can make time for it, I bravely make it. Believing and trusting yourself makes you do even the impossible.

Happy Monday!

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