Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Your Choice

Hello Everyone! Thank God the weather isn't that bad unlike yesterday. I can see a bit of sunshine here already. How about in your place?

To make our day more positive, here's our Daily Inspiration:

Life always offers choices for us to choose from. Almost everything depends on how we look life. They said miracles happens everyday and I believe that. Small and big miracles happen each day or should I say, everything is a miracle.

When you wake in the morning, that is a miracle already. When you have something to eat and a work to go to, a home to shelter, a family, a friend, yes everything is a miracle. If you let God work for you, if you let Him intervene with your everyday life, you will experience miracles everyday. That's how God works in our life. He provides us the things we just need.

So it is up to you to live life. Just choose.

Happy Tuesday! 
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